Friday, November 19, 2010

#yyj Twamper Wish List

I am so thrilled at the response to the #yyj #Twamper project. We've been connected with a small family in need of some love and holiday cheer, a mother and her two and a half year old daughter. I am touched by these request and hope we can pull together as a community to fulfill these wishes, and perhaps go a bit overboard? I think that we have the potential of supporting another small family as well as this one, what say you #yyj? Shall we spread the joy further? Please message me on Twitter @JanineAnnT or leave comments on this blog post if you are willing to contribute items on the list or would like to provide anything in addition. Grocery gift cards and turkey trimmings would be a great tag on. Hopefully we can not only make for a lovely day and meal, but stock the pantry and provide some comfort and relief.

Don't forget, there's also a December 17th Tweetup to celebrate the season and friends, new & old! Thank you to Cabin 12 for opening their hearts and doors to us!

Mom ~ Size Small
1. warm socks
2. pyjamas
3. bath stuff
4. portable CD player (i am going to ask if this is supposed to be an MP3 player)

5. likes to shop at La Senza 

Child ~ 2 and half year old girl - Size 2
1. turtleneck shirts

2. winter boots size 7
3.small children’s computer
4. dry erase pens for a white board 

5. a doll
6. colouring or painting stuff.      
Household needs
1. glass pie plates
2. cutlery
3. blender4. computer monitor

Food allergies - None - would enjoy a turkey

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